Founder & President, Kim C. Collins


Kim believes in the cornerstone verse Romans 8:28, “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”

Kim has been married to Minister Bruce L. Collins, Sr. for 25 wonderful years and out of this union came four beautiful children: Dominique, Joy, Bruce Jr, and Angel. Kim is a native Washingtonian and attends United Love Church, Sterling, VA., Pastor P. Larry Stewart.

Kim has a passion for encouraging, equipping and empowering young women for daily living. She is the founder of PEARLS, a mentoring group for young women. The goal is to Prepare, Equip, Affirm and Renew young Ladies for Success!

Mission & Vision

 To encourage, equip, and empower girls to pursue their dreams, live whole lives, learning to know & understand their personal value, and use their gifts to shine for others.      

Inspiring & empowering girls to recognize their true value, rising above adversity & raising the bar!



*To equip and empower girls to achieve excellence in every area of their lives – academically, physically, socially, relationally, emotionally, financially, and spiritually.

*To provide relevant, state-of-the-art programming and resources that foster educational and personal growth and development in girls.

*To cultivate long term mentor/mentee relationships through group mentoring and college support programs.

*To partner with schools, churches, corporations, and community organizations to provide opportunities and resources that expand girls’ exposure to social, educational, and cultural experiences.

*To expand the Pearls Empowerment program to schools, churches, and community organizations worldwide.

PEARLS Inspiration


When a single grain of sand enters the living membrane of an oyster, it causes the oyster conflict and irritation. The oyster’s reaction is to continually coat it with a substance called nacre, eventually transforming the grain of sand into a beautiful pearl. The pearl symbolizes deep inner change that now shines with beauty outward to the world. The Latin word for pearl literally means "unique," attesting to the fact that no two pearls are identical. You and I are like that grain of sand when we come to God. He receives us as we are, then covers us with His grace and refines us by the truth of His Word. Through that process, He creates something of beauty in us that, in our own unique and creative way, reflects who He is to the world around us.


Through each girls unique journey in middle & high school, our goal is to be a relevant & substantial resource.  Thus, promoting healthy life choices that foster healthy lifestyles.